Monday, April 17, 2006

Jack's Revenge and Lovely Ghost Letters

Two blurbs for "yunz" readers out there:

* Check out "Jack's Smirking Revenge" on Someone out there has a few Dilbert-esqu aspirations, and -- I think -- this Jack might have some potential. Give him some feedback if you can!

* Chantel's novel Love and Ghost Letters hits paperback come September. (For some reason the link won't work, so just do a cut-and-paste with this address: If you haven't read it yet, here's your chance! She weaves a fascinating story about a young woman who falls in love, defies her father, and marries a man below her station. It's a story many of us know well. Think about it: what have you done for the sake of love? If I ever get my book back, I'll write that review I promised eons ago.

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Chantel said...

Thanks for the plug!