Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sex and the City, the Next Generation

Last fall I was invited -- INVITED! -- to attend a colloquium on economics, liberty, and freedom. What followed was an absolutely brain-exhausting trip to Indianapolis, IN, this past June. It was glorious.

The best part, even better than the intellectual over-stimulation and five-star hotel (complete with limo ride to and from the airport, thank you), was that I was finally able to meet Caron, Heidi, and Carol. These three women are amazing writers and astounding people. Despite never meeting face-to-face prior, I felt no compunction creating a scene in the hotel lobby with hugs and (in the case of Caron) hugging and jumping up and down.

I've been lucky enough to work with Caron and Heidi so far. Carol and I haven't teamed up yet, but if my writing keeps rolling... who knows?

Myself, Caron, Carol, and Heidi taking a buggy ride around Indy.