Thursday, March 30, 2006

The yellow frogs are for Pap-pap.

I call this one: "Must... stay... awake..."

That's Gavie in his crib. He played himself to sleep, literally. (This picture is about three months old, by the way. I have issues with downloading the digital pics in a timely fashion.) Please note the bajillion tiny frogs that surround him. As of last night, he now only sleeps with the green ones.

You have to wonder just what a three-year-old remembers, or understands. Last night, before I tucked him in, he handed me all of the blue frogs.
"Who are these for?"

Then I got all of the red frogs.
"Who are these for?"

The orange ones came next.
"These are for?"
"Nana." (pronounced "nun-ah")

And the purple ones.
"Who are these for?"
"Fuzz." (the cat)

Lastly, the yellow ones.
"Who gets the yellow ones, Gavie?"

What does he remember? Does he remember how Pap and Grammy used to watch him every day for the first year of his life? Does he remember how Pap would pull him, in his little wagon, around the neighborhood on nice days? Does he remember how Pap would "exercise" his legs -- holding his tiny baby hands and helping him practice standing? We always laughed at how excited Gavie would get when he'd stand up, as if he were conquering the world.

We still see yellow school buses and Gavie still points, yelling "Pap!" He knows Pap used to drive a big yellow bus every morning.

We're trying to keep my father's memory alive for Gavie. I think we're doing okay at it so far.

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Chantel said...

You ARE doing great. That's a cute picture! Post more!