Friday, June 23, 2006

It's official...

I did it.
I have my Master's Degree.
Now what?

How does one who loves to write, who finds ethics and leadership theory fascinating, and who can't see herself leaving education fit it all together into the ultimate job?

Become a consultant. Freelance. Sign on to work where I won't be jammed into some cubicle and governed by a single-paragraph job description.

June is always a month of change for me. This year I turned 33 and hit the decade mark in my marriage. We're six months away from last December, and I think my head is on pretty straight again. I'm not about to leap into a new career because of anything but because it's right for me.

How lucky I am to have the luxury of time.

How absolutely terrifying in so many respects.

Yesterday I took a leap few expected: I signed on as a PartyLite rep. Yes, it's true... I'm a candle-chick. I did it for pretty much every reason the shiny brochures offer, with the idea of being able to actually grow professionally as number one. Making my own hours and bringing in some extra cash helps, too.

I'm shaking in my boots right now, convinced that I'm making some huge mistake. Then again, I had the same response when I took on my first writing job. The white-knuckle terror that wraps around my heart is always short-lived and quickly replaced by a sense of excitement, a sense of challenge. I've forgotten how exhiliarating that can be. I'd forgotten what it was like to be excited about a job.

Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy teaching very much. I change courses every twelve weeks, my reputation is well-established, and students actually ask to be in my classes. This term's mid-quarter students are a dream come true, and the two hours we meet each day fly by... it's just that I need more.

How daring it is to post this. Who knows who will read this.

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chantel said...

Congratulations, Michelle!!!