Thursday, October 26, 2006

It NaNoWriMo time!

November is fast approaching... and that means only one thing!

National Novel Writing Month!

November is the month where writers around the world are encouraged to write, to write, and to write some more. And as for quality? HA! For once, that vulture is sent elsewhere! If you're a part of NaNoWriMo, you get to strangle that bird (perhaps, if I may be so crass, give the bird the bird?) and leave its carcass... well, pretty much wherever you want to so long as you're inspired and you write!

(One time, while still living at home, I killed a nasty-looking spider and left the resulting stain, but not the body itself, on the bedroom wall as a "warning to other spiders." A superstition, I know, but it apparently worked. I never saw another spider of that size again. It has since been painted over. The minute I moved out my room went from "Pepto-Bismol pink" to blah semi-gloss white. But that's another story for another day...)

So, where was I? Oh yes! Just leave quality behind and just WRITE! You can always go back in December and clean it up.

The goal is to pen a 175-page novel, roughly 50,000 words, in just 30 days.

As is my way, I'm leaping in head-first, starting fresh, and seeing where -- and how -- I land!

Wish me luck!
(I'm going to need it!)

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