Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy 2008

Let's see what happens this year....

Time for a few new resolutions, readers. Please feel free to spend the next 12 months weighing in and kicking my butt if I falter at all.

  • Finish Killing Julie by March 29. I'm at 186 pages now and about 59,000 words. The two leads have fallen in love, the antagonist is about to go off the deep end, and Julie remains dead.
  • Get rolling on finding that "right" doctorate program... again!
  • Exercise. Not just think about it but actually do it.
  • Continue to eat more vegetables and drink good wine.
  • Experiment in the kitchen and move beyond the usual tried-and-true dishes.
  • Learn how to download the pics from our digital camera and... better yet, print them out!
  • Keep writing! I have two more novels in my brain now, one which is currently nameless and the other tentatively dubbed Courting Selina.
  • Go dancing again. And again. And again!

Hmmm.... not much this time around. I have other minor plans: grow my hair long again, finish cleaning out the basement, continue scrapbooking, and figure out how to play Second Life.

It looks like the year will be busy enough, really!

See "yunz" all soon!

1 comment:

Kirby said...

I believe that if you successfully accomplish the last thing on your list "Learn to play second life" that none of the others on the list will even come close to reaching fruition.

It appears to be another "internet narcotic" as one friend put it.

And my personal stance is "why get involved in a second life when I'm still trying to figure out my first one." :-)