Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Guest Post: Four Fingers Speaks

After reading each posting in the past few days, from the sentimental to the irreverent, allow a rookie’s perspective…

Things I learned on my summer vacation:

  • The term “vacation” is used very broadly and is sadly misunderstood.
  • Weeks are counted as years.
  • Filters – mental, physical and verbal, are left at home for “The One True Week.”
  • Four fingers – I can’t remember, but it was a good night.
  • Polmounter is, in fact, a person -- and I feel personally responsible for her well being (rookie over-achiever though she be).
  • Golf is a lot more interesting than I would have imagined.
  • Much can be said with duck tape plastered on one’s face.
  • Plumbers can leverage ridiculous ads for profit.
  • RONA is not a person – but can be a nightmare for the ill-informed.
  • “Your worst nightmare” can be a teddy bear in disguise (thank you for your reassurance, Kevin).
  • Kids take their roles very seriously.
  • Vincent is wise and committed – or should be.
  • Sleep … um… I forget what that is so don’t count on it!
  • Nicknames are, usually, a compliment or accurate description.
  • Trial by fire is a mixed blessing and rookie is neither age nor gender specific.
  • Not taking oneself too seriously is a blessing – and necessity.
  • “Behind the scenes” means that the sunrise and sunset are possible!
  • Junk can be useful in its final hour.
  • The “real world” is disguised as a simulation.
  • Winning is not the prize it’s cracked up to be – it can be “the kiss of death” predictor of things to come.
  • For week III “The one true week,” one can be whomever they wish to be - and get away with it!

Thanks for the memories, the humor and the education and thanks for letting this “rookie” play.

“Stelle” a.k.a. Four Fingers

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